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The Fabled Demijohn 1969

Demijohn 1969 is a "unicorn whisky" - one that stops you in your tracks, then haunts you with the knowledge you will never see it again.  There is an undeniable aura of magic surrounding Demijohn 1969.  ~ Laura Rampling, Master Whisky Maker

Demijohn 1969

The Making of Philos

Philos is specifically designed to protect and pour our most precious whisky, the fabled Demijohn 1969.  Innate curiosity and desire to seek timeless beauty led us on our quest to honour this whisky of legendary status. 

"We began with our liquid.  We would need to protect each drop so that it could be consumed on the open sea without any fear of spillage in the pour.  Secondly, we wanted unparalleled beauty, attention to detail and storytelling to envelop our prized whisky.  Finally, the experience must be seamless, delightful, with a dash of theatre."  ~ Anna Lisa Stone, Head of Creative, The Glenrothes. 

Thus began our pursuit to create the perfect tribute to this unparalleled whisky.  We enlisted Studio Indigo, known for their exquisite interior for yachts and master makers, Little Halstock, known for their multi-faceted fine craftsmanship and ingenuity, and all the right elements combined. 

To enquire about a commission please contact us at [email protected]

Studio Indigo

Studio Indigo

A studio renowned for timeless spaces of distinct character; story-laden interiors that are deeply personal and bespoke.
Boat International

Boat International

The definitive guide to luxury yachts and the yachting lifestyle; setting the standard and pushing frontiers of global superyachting.
Little Halstock

Little Halstock

A clan of master craftsmen who collaborate with world-class designers to reimagine the familiar.

Proud partners of the 19th annual edition of the BOAT International World Superyacht Awards.

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