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A Story of Balance

Philos is a story of balance. 

Its name is inspired by Philos of Byzantium, the Greek engineer credited with inventing the gimbal around 250 BC.  But philos is also the Greek word that tries to capture the abstract, emotive notions of cherishing, friendship and love.  

As such, the name Philos represents both precision and poetry. 

Philos is the balance between the two.


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Demijohn 1969

The balance between poetry and precision runs throughout The Glenrothes and our whisky making. It also defines the extraordinary whisky that Philos enshrines: Demijohn 1969.  An exceptionally well-balanced whisky of extreme rarity, itself poised between method and mystery.

Tradition and innovation hang in perfect balance. Philo’s gimbal and Galileo’s armillary sphere are resurrected with new purpose. A whisky laid down more than half a century ago is presented through a first-of-its kind invention, designed to protect every precious drop.

Complex mechanics conceived by aerospace engineers. Enchanting aesthetics brought into being by some of the world’s leading luxury designers and craftsmen.  Science and artistry converge, transcending mere functionality and awakening enigma.

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[Demijohn 1969] is a "unicorn whisky" - one that stops you in your tracks, then haunts you with the knowledge you will never see it again. There is an undeniable aura of magic surrounding Demijohn 1969.