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Our Whisky


Whisky Makers of Exception

Founded in 1879 with the vision to create a lighter spirit that would be a harmonious counter to the norm, to this day, The Glenrothes continues to distil an exceptionally elegant spirit that matures in a distinctive way, just as it was specifically designed to do almost 150 years ago.

Our Artistry

The 18 in canister

The 18

Sweet vanilla with pear and fresh ginger notes.
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The 25 in canister

The 25

Ripe peach, toasted almonds and fragrant sweet spice.
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The 42 bottle and box

The 42

Sun-ripened apricots, sugared almonds and a lingering aromatic finish.
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Dandelions by river

Exceptionally Soft Water

We only use pure spring water from four private sources to make our whisky.  Filtered through rock formed millions of years ago, gravity naturally feeds the water down from the hills of our Estate to the distillery.  Extremely soft and free from impurities, this water needs no human intervention, delivering a clean, light mouth feel which is the foundation of the elegant character of our spirit.  

Slow Distillation

Patience is the hallmark of The Glenrothes' distillation process.  We distil at a flow rate around half the speed of other well-known distilleries. With unusually tall stills, our distillation process optimises copper contact to remove heavy flavour compounds, creating a bright, fruity and nuanced spirit with refined complexity.

Distillery pipe details in Autumn
Casks in warehouse

Precise Maturation

We use sherry seasoned oak casks, made to our specification and manage aging with a precision that harnesses both spirit and cask.  Initially, interaction with the cask layers bold, bright flavours onto our New Make Spirit and after around 15 years, the ripe fruity notes of our spirit progressively become more refined and fragrant.

The Spirit of Rothes

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