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The Glenrothes
Halloween Edition 2019


The Real Halloween

Since its inception, our distillery in Rothes has shared its plot with the town's graveyard. Day and night, as life begins and ends, The Glenrothes continues to birth new make spirit and lay down whisky to mature in oak casks.

Halloween Belongs to Scotland

History proves that Scotland is actually the birthplace of Halloween. The ways we celebrate today are rooted in ancient traditions and forgotten rituals that were forged in Scotland. Here at The Glenrothes, we’re telling the tale of Scotland’s forgotten Halloween, restoring the mystique and mystery to a deeply Scottish celebration.

Halloween belongs to The Glenrothes

The Glenrothes Halloween Edition 2019 is a limited release of only 5,000 bottles, with a theme of ‘Ghosts and Guising’. Ghosts and spirits are entwined with the long history of The Glenrothes: our distillery is situated on an ancient leyline, next to the Rothes graveyard, and has records of our very own hauntings.

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  • Aroma

    Wood smoke and creamy vanilla

  • Taste

    Vanilla, orange peel and light peat

  • Finish

    Lingering sweet pear, smokiness

Halloween flavour note