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The Glenrothes is a hands-on, no frills distillery. From the people in the tun room and the stillhouse, to the warehouse workers and the room where our Master Whisky Maker noses the freshly drawn spirit, every one who works here contributes their passion and expertise towards a common goal.

Gordon Motion, The Glenrothes Master Whisky Maker


Gordon Motion在导师指导下从事密集研究工作达11年之久后,于2009年接替John Ramsay,担任The Glenrothes的威士忌酿造大师。在此期间,他运用他的知识,酿造出我们最优质的威士忌。

没有来自Rothes及其他地方的数代威士忌酿造人的关心、专业知识和技能,就没有Glenrothes威士忌。每一瓶酒都是他们的见证,也是对他们技艺的表彰。 Without the care, expertise and skill of generations of whisky makers from Rothes and beyond, there would be no Glenrothes. Every bottle is a testament to them and a celebration of their craft.


蒸馏酿造厂经理如同大型管弦乐队的指挥,因此我们有幸请到了Alasdair Anderson担任The Glenrothes的经理。Alasdair负责生产和仓储业务,并花费大量时间保持烈性酒的出色标准,这是他杰出的前任自1879年起制定的标准。
Alasdair Anderson, The Glenrothes Distillery Manager
The Glenrothes Distillery Speyside Single Malt Whisky Coopers


蒸馏酿造厂最小的——尽管有人会争辩说是最忙碌的——也是最吵闹的团队,是我们的箍桶匠。他们在Brian的领导下,负责木桶的采购和维修,在保持我们木材原料的优异性和耐用性方面起到了至关重要的作用,确保了每一桶The Glenrothes单一麦芽威士忌的卓越品质。