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Sherry seasoned casks: only the best will do

As one of the last distilleries in Scotland to maintain our own in- house cooperage, we take wood very seriously. That’s why the majority of The Glenrothes is matured in sherry seasoned oak casks, carefully produced to our exacting standards in the ‘sherry triangle’ near Jerez, Spain.

The Glenrothes continues to source and repair the most sought after sherry casks, driven by the knowledge that to make the best whisky, only the best wood will do.

Following a strict wood policy

  • Every cask at The Glenrothes is assessed on the quality of the whisky it last delivered to help us to determine if it will be used again. This will vary depending on each individual cask and the whisky profile we are seeking to create. Some carefully selected refill casks are chosen to help us to deliver a wider range of flavours to the final whisky.
  • We invest heavily in the creation of new casks and use these across our entire portfolio. We can therefore ensure that every cask is used in the right way and that it delivers exactly what we need in terms of flavour and colour.  Once a cask no longer fulfils this role, we will not use it again.

Discover the flavour profiles of our casks.

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