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Our Craft

Our Craft

From the very beginning, we’ve recognised the value of deeper exploration. Knowing that only by looking beyond the blueprint of the expected, can we truly experience the exceptional. And it’s this mindset that has allowed us to continue crafting some of the world’s finest whisky, in a quaint corner of Speyside, for more than 140 years. 

It was by questioning convention and carving out his own unique path, that our founder landed upon The Glenrothes’ iconic foundations. The unchanging pillars and unmistakable marks of our whisky that we today refer to as the Four Corners.

One: our very own crystal clear water

Remaining one of the few distilleries in Scotland with its own unique sources of water, our precious surrounding springs provide us with every drop we need to give our whisky its pure, impeccable character.
Raindrops in the river
Room full of copper distillation stills

Two: our uncommonly slow distillation

Slower and more meticulous than most, we distil our liquid in tall copper stills for precisely the time it takes to eliminate impurities and achieve the lighter, fruitier signature taste that makes The Glenrothes incomparable.

Three: our sherry-seasoned casks

Our coopers know fine wood better than anyone. They ensure every drop of our whisky is delicately matured within carefully selected sherry-seasoned oak casks, to produce the depth and balance of flavour that remains uniquely ours. Our commitment to the most sought after sherry casks is driven by the knowledge that to make the best whisky, only the best wood will do.
casks in the warehouse
Close up of moss at the Estate

Four: our natural colour

Time-honoured cask ageing grants our liquid its rich, alluring colour that to this day remains entirely natural.