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18 to 25: seven years of flavour transcendence

The Glenrothes Journals

18 to 25: seven years of flavour transcendence

15 min
A sherry seasoned cask

There are none who’d agree with the phrase ‘patience is a virtue’ more than those behind our whisky. For it’s we who see the exceptionally rewarding consequences of time. Each unique expression of our whisky differs in years to maturity, while sharing one DNA: complex and beautifully balanced, born of the passion, curiosity and innovative spirt of our people.


Yet it’s the pivotal passing months, years and decades that propel our signature spirit into a kaleidoscope of new directions – granting a varying spectrum of whisky connoisseurs a thrilling array of whiskies.

700ml bottles of The Glenrothes 18 and 25 year old whisky

You only need to sample our wonderfully contrasting 18 and 25-year-old age statements to appreciate the extent of this truth. Seven valuable years and these two impeccable whiskies sit notably apart on the flavour spectrum – despite at their hearts, sharing the elegantly light, fruity core character synonymous with The Glenrothes.


Eighteen years of ageing in a perfectly selected cask marks a pivotal moment in our liquid’s maturation journey – an especially interesting point in time, as a beautiful signature fragrance surfaces, indicating the whisky is at last ripe for bottling. Alongside its alluring nose, our 18-year-old boasts a sweetly rich and robust palate to match. Vanilla, fruit, spice and almonds lead the charge, with this intensely complex and sophisticated liquid the ideal selection for any whisky connoisseur seeking a bold statement from their single malt choice.

An hourglass overlayed with the flavour profile rings signifying the 25 year old The Glenrothes whisky

Whereas a quarter-century maturation results in something altogether different – yet equally as rewarding. Seven additional years and our 25-year-old becomes the epitome of elegance. Luxuriously aromatic, lighter, and the more delicate, muted sibling of our 18. Tropical notes of mangoes and lychees reign supreme, with a smattering of coriander seeds to complete this subtly refined masterpiece.


At The Glenrothes patience is indeed a virtue, and time our closest ally. Yet our most powerful tool has never simply been the hours, days and years at our disposal. But the unwavering knowledge of how we can use each of them to create the most enriching portfolio of single malts possible.