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Our People

Our People

The Glenrothes is a hands-on, no frills distillery. From the people in the tun room and the stillhouse, to the warehouse workers and the room where our Master Whisky Maker noses the freshly drawn spirit, every one who works here contributes their passion and expertise towards a common goal.

Laura Rampling at The Glenrothes Estate

Our Master Whisky Maker

Laura Rampling has long held a passion for whisky. Fuelled by genuine respect for the craft and innate curiosity about its potential, Laura has carved a distinguished career over 15 years in the industry, across roles as disparate as blending to marketing. The locations have been equally diverse: from the sleepy hills of Speyside to the metropolis of New York City. The combined experience has given Laura a rare perspective as a Whisky Maker, valuing the rigor of science as well as the romance of story; making room for poetry as well as precision.

Our Distillery Manager

Alasdair Anderson preserves the excellent standard of our time-honoured whisky – drawing on his exceptional knowledge of both production and warehousing to ensure The Glenrothes remains as remarkable now as it was in 1879
Ally Anderson at The Glenrothes Estate
A cooper at work with hammer and barrel

Our Coopers

Our coopers make up the small, industrious team that ensures our iconic whisky ages in the finest possible way. Charged with sourcing, repairing and maintaining our casks, they continue to uphold the excellence in wood quality that has been integral to our single malt’s success from the very beginning