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About The Glenrothes

About The Glenrothes

The Glenrothes is an ultra-luxury house of rare, aged single malts, crafted through an elemental obsession with quality and discerning commitment to betterment. 

The Glenrothes is custodian of some of the worlds oldest and finest single malts crafted by a small community of artisans in the heart of Speyside.  Born from the fresh spring water from the grounds of our Estate, our whiskies offer an elemental connection to the place from which they come and the people who have nurtured them over decades.  Each release offers a reconnection with nature, with humanity, with the essence of life.


Our History

Like our founder, The Glenrothes has always strived to provoke the innate curiosity we all have within us. Discover how one man’s dream and another’s community spirit transformed the town of Rothes into the home of our truly remarkable whisky.
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old window at the distillery looking onto trees
Two whisky makers take a break with their tools

Our People

Our luxuriously unique spirit is crafted at the hands of our exceptionally knowledgeable team, whose love for authentic yet progressive whisky making is unwavering. From the studious mashing room and stillhouse workers, to the cask guardians of the cooperage, to our meticulous master whisky maker, every individual plays their crucial role in The Glenrothes’ ongoing story.
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Our Distillery

Our whisky takes pride in only being known by those who seek to find it. And the same is undoubtedly true of our Speyside estate, which lies in the heart of Rothes, without a visitors’ centre or even a road sign.
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The Glenrothes distillery wall and sky
spring dandelions by the river


Here at The Glenrothes, we’ve always recognised that delving deeper unlocks greater reward. And this belief applies to much more than our whisky alone – today inspiring our sustainability initiative, Beyond Us.
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