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The 25


The 25

After nearly 150 years of whisky making on our private estate in Rothes, Speyside, we’ve learned true wisdom is knowing when to work and, crucially, when to wait.  For, it’s only through thousands of interactions and decades of lived experiences that one can make room for beauty only time can touch.  After a quarter of a century of patience, the elegance of our whisky intensifies with luxurious depth. 

Delicate decadence born from the wisdom to wait.



“The 25 celebrates the balance of crafting and letting be.”


The 25 close up
circles showing the flavour profile for the 25
Peach flavour profile


Ripe peaches, liquid caramel and zesty orange peel. An aroma rich with nutty sweetness and marzipan and gentle, fragrant notes.
peach and vanilla pod in water


Creamy vanilla, ripe stone fruit and orange oil, infused with toasted almonds, Swiss milk chocolate, delicate oak notes and a lingering sweet spice.
Grass in water


Rich and sweet with a silky nuttiness and persisting fragrance.

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flower with distillery in background