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The Speyside Single Malt

Quietly and without compromise, The Glenrothes distillery has been producing some of Speyside's finest single malt for more than a century.
What began in 1879 continues in much the same way to this day: the making of a no-nonsense, finely crafted single malt. A whisky made with integrity, authenticity and, above all, with expert craft.

The Glenrothes Distillery, Speyside

The History

The history of The Glenrothes Distillery begins with the stories of two exceptional men. James Stuart, who first had the vision to build a new distillery in the town of Rothes, and the Reverend William Sharp, who raised the funds needed to save the distillery from ruin and helped to turn James Stuart’s dream into a reality.

The People

The Glenrothes is a hands-on, no frills distillery. From the people in the mashing room and the stillhouse, to the warehouse workers and the room where our Master Whisky Maker noses and samples the freshly drawn spirit, every one who works here contributes their passion and expertise towards a common goal.
The Glenrothes Charlie Jameson
Copper Whisky Stills

The Distillery

The Glenrothes estate is divided by a river. On one side, the cathedral-like arches of the stillhouse witness the vibrant new make spirit coming to life. On the other, our warehouse carefully nurtures the casks as they rest peacefully, making their patient journey towards the moment when they reach the peak of perfection.

The Four Corners

The foundations of The Glenrothes single malt. Discover the values that have guided us from the beginning. As they surround us and sustain everything we do, we call them our Four Corners.
Single Malt Whisky Barrels