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The Art Of The Glenrothes

Celebrate both the art and science of whisky making with a series of captivating art works created by The Glenrothes and Spanish Data Artist, Xavi Tribó. Music by Steven Crichton. Tribó was given access to all technical data from our distillery analysis to create a unique algorithm generating colour and movement. The artist also mapped the entire Glenrothes Distillery in Speyside using a 3D laser scanner which allowed a frame of the distillery to be created to showcase the art within.   Gordon Motion, who has been the Master Whisky Maker at the Speyside distillery since 2009 said: “There’s something magical about the meeting of whisky with a cask, particularly a sherry seasoned cask – it’s difficult to define in words. Being unable to find the words, sparked the idea of expressing the relationship in a new way – through the visualisation of data.”